4.00 USD

Upon Purchasing, you will be given many one time rewards as well as access to many cosmetics and additional perks!  Make sure to do /rankredeem in-game to redeem your one time rewards after purchase!

INVENTORY: Ensure you have space in your inventory before purchasing, otherwise you may be subjected to not getting some items!

Note: This rank is a one time purchase, and will persist for a Lifetime, however the perks from this rank will ONLY be accessible from the server it is bought in, and not any other servers.

One-Time ➙


150 McMMO Credits

15 EXP Levels

1 Perks Crate Key


10 Basic Claims Limit

1,000 Bonus Claimblocks

5 Sethomes

1 Player Vault

5 Warps

 5 Auction House Slots

1 Potion Effect Selection

5 Max Pets

Perks ➙

Custom Name Color

Custom Chat Color

Custom Glow Color

Custom Tab, Nametag & Chat Prefix

Custom Particle Effects

/back command (Not on death)









3 Max Particle Effects

1 Max Particle Group

Access to Name Color

Access to Chat Color

Access to Custom Glow

Name Color ➙

Yellow, Dark Gray, Gray 

Chat Color ➙

White, Yellow, Blue, Purple

Glow Colors ➙

Yellow, Dark Green, Black

Claim Perks ➙

Enter Title + Subtitle

Exit Title + Subtitle

Damage Animals Flag

Player Villager Damage Flag


Kits ➙

Food Kit (2 Day Cooldown)

64 Steak

64 Cooked Chicken

64 Cooked Porkchop