22.00 USD

Upon Purchasing, you will be given many one time rewards as well as access to many cosmetics and additional perks!  Make sure to do /rankredeem in-game to redeem your one time rewards after purchase!

INVENTORY: Ensure you have space in your inventory before purchasing, otherwise you may be subjected to not getting some items!

Note: This rank is a one time purchase, and will persist for a Lifetime, however the perks from this rank will ONLY be accessible from the server it is bought in, and not any other servers.

One-Time ➙


900 McMMO Credits

70 EXP Levels

8 Perks Crate Key


2 Town Claims Limit

50 Basic Claims Limit

15,000 Bonus Claimblocks

35 Sethomes

8 Player Vaults

2x McMMO Boost

7 Joinable Jobs

20 Warps

12 Auction House Slots

3 Potion Effect Selection

8 Max Pets

Perks ➙

Silk Spawners

Custom Name Color

Custom Chat Color

Custom Glow Color

Custom Nick

Custom Tab, Nametag & Chat Prefix

Custom Particle Effects

Custom Sign Color Formatting

Create Disposal Signs

Keep EXP Levels on Death

/back command (Not on death)

/back (on death)


/ci (clear inventory)

/citoggle (toggle clear inventory confirmation)


/me (30-second cooldown)





/kittycannon (30second cooldown)

/beezooka ( 30 second cooldown)

/suicide (30-second cooldown)

/firework (30-second cooldown)





/feed (15 minutes cooldown)







6 Max Particle Effects

2 Max Particle Group

Access to Name Color

Access to Chat Color

Access to Custom Glow

Name Color ➙

All Name Colors + Custom Nick (No Formatting)

Chat Color ➙

All Chat Colors

Glow Colors ➙

Yellow, Dark Green, Black, Aqua, Gray, Dark Gray,Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, White

Claim Perks ➙

Enter Title + Subtitle

Exit Title + Subtitle

Damage Animals Flag

Player Villager Damage Flag

Crop Growth Flag

Grass Growth Flag

Vine Growth Flag

Mushroom Growth Flag

Lightning Damage Flag

Player Enderpearl Interact Flag

EXP Drop Flag

Chorus Fruit Teleport Flag

Player Item Drop Flag 

Lava Flow Flag

Water Flow Flag

Painting Damage Flag

Player Item Pickup Flag

Snow Fall Flag

Snow Melt Flag

Kits ➙

Food Kit (2 Day Cooldown)

64 Steak

64 Cooked Chicken

64 Cooked Porkchop

XP Kit (2 Day Cooldown)

32 Enchant Bottles

Mining Kit (5 Day Cooldown)

Diamond Pick with Eff 5 Silk touch Unbreaking X

Diamond Pick with Eff 5 Fortune III Unbreaking X

RedStone kit (3 Days)

64 Redstone x 3

16 Comparators

16 Repeater

3 Observer

16 Pistons